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Development Process

In November 2004, Zhuhai Tiger Auto PartsCo., Ltd. was established.

In June 2006, officially entered the listof Whirlpool suppliers and obtained the TS16949 compliance certificate.

In October 2007, Whirlpool's firsthigh-precision mass-assembled product was put into production, and the SPCquality control system was introduced. The defective product rate per millionpieces in the first year was "0". Become a qualified supplier ofWhirlpool.

From 2008 to 2009, multiple components andassembly products were mass-produced, the quality management system and theconcept of serving customers were more perfect, and the quality management teamwas formed and gradually stabilized.

In November 2010, became a global strategicpartner of Whirlpool, and Zhuhai Sepstar Electronic Co., Ltd. established.

In November 2011, won the whirlpool globalquality award.

In 2012 and 2013, implement 6 Sigmamanagement. Focused on automated production, and supplier development.

In January 2013, the branch Wuhu ShengyuanCo., Ltd. established.

In 2014, Sepstar complied with theinternational development trend on the basis of injection molding andassembling home appliances and auto parts, and expanded its business to the IMDindustry.

A 100,000-level clean injection moldingworkshop has been built, and IMD/IML production design capabilities and Mecellinjection molding technology have been gradually improved.

In 2015, North American/European warehouseand after-sales service center were established.

In 2015, won the Electrolux Best InnovationSupplier Award.

In 2016, was awarded the title of"High-tech Enterprise" in Guangdong Province.

In 2017, the R&D center was officiallyestablished. Sepstar began to solve problems for customers from the source andprovide better services.

In 2017, expanded the car audio speakerbusiness, and became a qualified supplier for PSS.

In 2019, Zhuhai Lisheng Precision Mouldjoined. Established mold supporting facilities, which can meet the requirementsof more than 500 sets of mold manufacturing per year.

In 2021, started the Haier Europeancooperation project and became a qualified supplier of Haier.

In 2021, established "Sepstar"and "Changwei" as its own brand.


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